Septicmen: Dogma

With you
Strange to myself
After the rain
Dark angels
You're wind in me
Time can't help
Cold eyes
Way to light
Long time ago


This vision makes me blind
Doing it with good grace
I`m locked up here
In a cold empty cave

Death will tie me
Tear of my mask
Time will slip away
Turning into dust

Minutes seem days
The pain will stay
Struggle keep telling
I need to stay

Tied upforever!

There's no change
Moments so long
Praying for someone
To save my dream


You can trust me
I'll always be here
I got the words
I'm your saver

Changing forever
My love no comfort
I'm sick like you

But now, you got wings
You're an angel, with naked dreams


What's this feeling
Well i don't know
The answer been living
Inside of me

I don't need to stay
And i don't wanna do
Glowing ember burning
Whenever it wants to

I'm stranger to myself
Pushing my head to myself
I'm a stranger

I'd look for the way
But i can't find
Everything will stay
I have no more time

Out there's no answer
This is my fate
I can't help myself
So i have to fade


You ain't free
Your blood is a tie
Squeezing inside
Can't let you out

It's not a secret
Your heart is dirty
I wish you let
Your heart be dead

Your wishes are dead
Dreams in your head

It's not a secret
Your blood is dirty


Dark angels
Hiding in twillight
Don't care about me
I'm still allright

Crying voices
From deep inside
Inner stuggles
My deepest side

This is not the way
This is not the past
Got no answer
Got no answer

Shadows give me a hug
Trying to push around


In every little moment
I have a picture of you
Just as i dream it
Shade behind you

Carry me through the troubles
Try to stay forever in me
I will always 'be with you
If anywhere i should flee

You're wind in me
Make my fly
You're a dream in me
Teaching to di

Dancing away with the stars
At dark cold dawns
Your shade in my room
Just the way as i want

Calmnes if you tough me
You don't have to speak
Needless the word
When you are in me


Conceited, keeps his calm
Smiling airizy
Paralyzed fear in brain
Driving him crazy
Grining behind his face
With plastic smile
In the cage of life
With a broken cry

Rattling like snakes
And shouting down
Looking for stillness
But nowhere has found

Lost among this dreams
Having no brain
Long dark the way
He is going away


Burning to dep good and bad
The given word
Is not to deal

Dying in the eyes
Cold light
Never seen

Cold eyes staring with fear
Shouting right into my ears

They got dreams
I fade away
Long to see
I pass away

Crying prayers
Stuck to mouth
Shadows going
In and out


Now i'm free
I got to live
I never had
A god to preach

Time is over
Trust got hurt
I can't feel
Untrue words

If i see a nightmare
Locked up in a stone
Untrue words begging
There's no way to light


Going on the empty streets
Need someone to meet the friends
It's not the place to be

You're alone for yourself
Don't believe in yourself
Betrayed by your dreams

Long time ago
It was inside
Long time ago
Nowlet it change

It's so hard to speak again
Love inside is a shame
But it's to late to see

Nobody will stand by you
No matter who's with you
Forgot about your friends