Septicmen: Origo

The gate
The ground is close
Taste of death
All the same
I don't believe it
Devil on the wall


Forgotten things, snatches of memories, strange houses, somebody`s dying
High fences, dark hands, I`ve grown to it, as a parasite
If the evil is living in me, and I can`t cry, I would look for the answer, but nobody wants to tell it
Childhood memories, came to my mind, a little lovely girl, with honest love
Life-giving poison, or the hands of death, they will stay evil, forever forever


The grond is close
I fall for good
Mute body
I dont move

Your hand on the glass
Pale lights
Free desires
Ask for you

Sometimes you go away
I scream your name
Im waiting for you
I continue my prayer

Your word touches me
I close my eyes
Tender request
Stay with me

Into my brain, as acids to metal
I corroded you forever


You are a man, in fiery ash, with free spirit, in a prison garb
If you feel that death is coming, you won`t find any rest
Your throat is dry, there`s no time left, your door is waiting for you
Bygone, struggling desires, locked in a boksz, true words


All the same who you were, all the same where you`re from, it can`t stop you, from believing
All the same your fate, all the same you`re late, there are no reasons, you suffered a lot
All the same your way, all the same where you`ve been, anything would come, you don`t have a fear
All the same your aims, all the same you`ve asked for, strange faces, everywhere you go
The time is little for you to tell, what you have wanted, the power is little to know, with whom to do


My body is sick, but my soul`s not, some years passed, and I`m growing old
I have to go back, to talk to everyone, I have to go back
My way is long, driven by love, the picture is spoilt, but made me love


Sometimes you feel, something fades away, you don`t want it, but that`s the way it goes
A weird feeling is struggling in you, then it pass away, and there won`t be anyone
Your life is dreary, dirty pictures, pass with you, dark ages
If you are free, then you`re lonely, love yourself, your selfishness tread on you


May be waiting for you, can be watching you, he is right there, but never answer
Damned feelings, and if you realize, there`s no help, your voice will go away
Devil on the wall, he know your name, devil on te wall, he grabs your hand


My way is monotonous, I`m doing it, when does it come to end, waiting for it
Time is squeezing me, I`m aching, the what and the why can wait
The feeling is running away, inside of me, please don`t let me go
Lost questions, my past, became future, I let it go
I won`t give it up! I won`t give it up! I won`t give it up!


You thought, you would change
You didnt grasp with right mind
There would be a lot of friends
You would hang on by two hands

You know well this shilty life
Havent trained you for better lot
You trusted in that the world
Will need a new fool

Lass to believe in anything
The faith was dead for long
The hatred is gathering in you
Its might turn your head
Youare low, too low

The dark surrounds you
As a hard cold wall
You cant knock down it yet
The hell of fear wants you


Never asked questions, is the price of trust, a wicked grin, the burden of fear
Faded faces, of a borrowed life, damned time, the losers voices
Tomorrow can be, real with you, yesterday, was a lie